Mosaic Odyssey worked with the community of Duluth, Georgia to produce a mosaic for the entryway of the new City Hall.  This mosaic represents the old and the new Duluth.  Each panel is four feet by eight feet.

Jennifer worked with the Boy Scouts, city employees, elected officials and senior groups to produce the mosaic for the new building's foyer. Click on the thumbnail for a bigger picture.

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Duluth High School students work on transferring the drawing to the cement board where the tiles will be attached.
Jennifer with the original design for the City Hall mosaic.
Duluth kids and parents help out by breaking tiles for the new mosaic.
The Boy Scouts and their parents chip in by chipping tiles.
Celebrated local artists Ann Parsons Odum
and Melanie Sheldon lend their talents to painting the panels (and themselves).
Even the Duluth City Administrator lends a hand (who's minding the store?)
The Duluth City Hall Mosaic panels are painted and awaiting broken tiles, china, brick, and glass to be applied over the painting.  Hey, it's only 64 square feet.  No problem, right?  Let's get to it Duluth!
The Mayor and the City Council get into laying tile (are they ready to quit their day jobs?)
Arretta works on the new hospital logo.
Eiko and Lucille vie for space at the base of panel one.
Everyone hard at work on her own plot of land.
The gals from the City of Duluth lay stones for the old city hall.
Ted's Fruit Stand takes shape.
Public Safety building is finished!
Actual brick from the new city hall was used for the mosaic.
Jennifer directs the troops.
"I've got these nippers and I'm not afraid to use them!"
Eiko uses real stone to replicate the old city hall.

Jennifer puts the final touches on the top panel.
The top panel is done!
The Duluth Fall Festival takes shape.
The big day finally arrives.
Installation runs smoothly...
... with a little help from our friends.
The new Duluth City Hall.
And the new Duluth City Hall mosaic!
The unveiling at the new city hall.
Ann Odum and Jennifer enjoy the ceremony.
Joyce, Lucille and Lisa hard at work.
...and gets the work done.
The Kiwanis club rolls up their sleeves...