Scott began his artistic career painting portraits in oils.  When Jennifer got into mosaics, he transitioned, figuring a few more shards on the floor wouldn't matter.  In addition to capturing a likeness, he is interested in gesture and movement (hence the non-portraits).  He splits his free time between working in his vineyard, making wine (Wampas Cat Red and White), tending his bees, and creating mosaics.  If you are interested in commissioning a mosaic or oil portrait, or have a question about making wine, click the 'contact us' button and send him an e-mail.

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Afghan Girl
The photograph
Afghan Girl
Smalti portrait

Van Gogh
Self Portrait
Van Gogh
Smalti Portrait
Girl with a
Pearl Earring
Vermeer  1665
Girl with a
Pearl Earring
Smalti portrait  2004
Swan Lake, smalti

Swing Dancers, smalti

 The Prospector, smalti

Jessie and Pepper, the photograph
Jessie and Pepper, smalti portrait
Conspiracy, smalti

            Free Spirit, smalti
Last Look Back, smalti
Red Ballerina, smalti
Ballerina ( 9" x 11" ), smalti
Oil Painting from a photo
Oil Painting from a photo
Joe and Jess, the photo
Joe and Jess, the oil painting